Edit and Continue on 64 bit Windows

Pascal writes about the joy of x64 Windows XP, and some drawbacks.  One drawback is no Edit and Continue using the 64 bit CLR.  You can, however, use E&C against the 32 bit CLR on a x64 machine.  Here's how you do it:


You need to compile your managed assembly with a target CPU of x86.  This will cause the 32 bit CLR to be used rather than the 64 bit CLR. 


For a VB Project, right click on the project and go to Properties/Compile/Advanced Compile Options/Target CPU and set it to "x86".

For a C# Project, right click on the project and go to Properites/Build/Platform Target and set it to "x86".


If you want to (or must) use the 64 bit CLR, we unfortunately cannot provide E&C.  In C# if you try to edit there is a dialog that tells you edits are not allowed .  To prevent the dialog, disable E&C: Tools/Options/Debugging/Edit and Continue, and uncheck 'Enable Edit and Continue'.