Keeping My Note Flag Customizations

OneNote's Note Flags feature rocks.  However,  after I started using them I ran into a funny, subtle bug.  My Note flag customizations never stayed around after OneNote shutdown.  All two times I restarted OneNote I had to customize the Note Flags again.


I tried a quick experiment and found out why.  I have never shutdown OneNote.  I start it and it lives as long as my machine is up.  I also never shutdown my machine.  The only time I restart OneNote is when my machine has rebooted due to a power outage, or perhaps a forced reboot.  I saw this bug because Note Flag customizations are saved on shutdown which never happens for me.  If you customize Note Flags, take a second and Exit OneNote then start it up again.


It would be easy to say this is by Design.  Delaying saving state is how most applications work.  However, the OneNote team raised the bar on how I expect it to deal with any user state.  In this case, I see a bug not because OneNote is bad, but because it is good.  OneNote set such a consistent and successful user model, that I am surprised when it doesn't apply everywhere.