Using Note flags in Onenote

How I expected to use note flags was very ambitious.  How I actually use them is much simpler.


I like the ability to flag TODO items more than the ability to browse by bug, email alias, etc.  I use check box style flags and keep the summary set to show only unchecked items, while keeping the search scope at the current folder.


Then I made 3 categories.  Habit, is specific advice that I found so valuable I want to remember and make it a habit over time.  Non-urgent, is for the times I hope I am doing all day.  Urgent, is for anything that is on a tight deadline.  If you've read the 7 habits Urgent and Non-urgent correspond to quadrant I and II (important/urgent, and important/non-urgent).  I don’t bother making todo items for unimportant things.


Finally I decided I need to keep all items visible in the note flags summary.  This means for example, if I need to make a new non-urgent item and I have no room, I am forced to make a 'tough call' and admit I won't do something.  I've been using this for two weeks.  It may require a few more tweaks, but I like it so far.