Application Platform – The Kickoff

Welcome to Gugg’s Crossbar, my new blog for the Application Platform business at Microsoft, and individual updates and insights. As a long time rugby player and (U.S.) football fan the crossbar often represents the line between winning and losing in a close game, and in this case the extra distance we want to go in connecting with our customers and partners. For example the crossbar (and some bad handling) caused the Seahawks to lose on Sunday….and the U.S. to lose to Fiji in the 2003 rugby World Cup match.


I want to get the housekeeping out of the way so let me tell you who I am then we can get on with more important topics and things that are on your mind. I’m in my 13th year at Microsoft and have covered a lot of territory from core product marketing for Windows 95 and Internet Explorer, to broad marketing on consumer strategy (MSN, MSTV, etc) to small and enterprise marketing and more. Today I manage our global Application Platform business including our overall strategy, SQL Server, Visual Studio , .NET Framework and BizTalk product lines, and our Technical Audience engagement efforts. It’s a great cross between traditional product efforts, end-to-end platform strategy and ongoing audience engagement. I’ve got a great team of people, some of whom you’ll meet as guests on this blog, and tremendous development partners such as Scott Guthrie and Soma .


My goal with this blog is to broaden the set of people I can connect with and provide a single point of reference for the latest application platform news and insights from Microsoft. One of the best parts of this role is meeting with CXO’s, and technical professionals from different industries, with partners, with press, and others who share their learning and help us better understand what’s really going on inside the IT/Dev shops of the world. There are many patterns that emerge and interesting conversations to be had. In addition, there are many things that we are working on that people are not aware of and find useful when we get a chance to discuss. As a result I plan to use this space to share things I’m hearing in my interactions with customers, be an aggregate spot for news relevant to the application platform portion of Microsoft, and provide a forum for some of my colleagues to share their views.


So this is the kickoff. My goal is to update this space 1-2 times per week, and also as news hits within the application platform space from Microsoft. There is a feedback section attached so feel free to send ideas of topics that you’d be interested in hearing about.