Happy New Year

Happy 2008 to everyone. Hope you all had a good holiday. Last year, we talked a lot about Web technologies and this year will be no different. The Application Platform team kicked things off with Silverlight taking front and center of Microsoft’s CES presence. As you may have heard from Bill’s keynote last night and in the press coverage today, Microsoft has teamed with NBC Universal on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Most of us won’t be able to make the games but we, along with NBC, will help bring the games to you, wherever you are. We will work together on a next-generation online experience and televised coverage of the games will be delivered in cooperation with MSN Network, which will be found at NBCOlynmpics.com on MSN, and use Silverlight technology to stream thousands of hours of exclusive interactive video. I will be watching, however, I do know it has been 84 years since rugby was included in the Olympics. It debuted in the 1900 Paris games and then was subsequently canceled just after the games in 1924. I don’t get too worked up over this as I do enjoy watching the world cup and they are still looking at it for a trial one of these Olympics. :-)












If you haven’t yet experienced Silverlight technology, CES is a great time. Bill’s keynote is streamed using the technology and can be found at www.microsoft.com/ces. Today, the Digital Hollywood @ CES keynote, “Branding beyond the Browser”, will highlight the investments we are making with Silverlight in advertising. Stay tuned to hear more about this when we get to MIX in early March.