What Ifs

As you know the topic of Software + Services provides a lot of fodder for discussion these days. There is as much noise out in the market as there is code, and opportunity combined. That said, I continue to believe we are doing some of the core work necessary to generate real business advantage over the long term and leverage the best of investments companies have made with the new capabilities offered by advancements in technology and approach. One core area we have been focused on is the core of “services” which started with .NET and has expanded throughout the entire Microsoft platform. Today we announced how we are taking that core work end integrating it tightly with “Models” to enable the next step function in IT/Development capability. So


What if you could write an application with one-tenth of the code you use today?


What if the model of the application you developed was the application?


What if you could collaborate with internal and external business/IT partners without the layers of boundaries you face today?


These things are the places where our “Oslo” technologies are focused. What is “Oslo” you might ask, today we announced a new set of technology investments, codenamed “Oslo”, that will go into the next versions of Biz Talk Server, Biz Talk Services, .NET Framework, Visual Studio and System Center. This is a significant milestone in our strategy and roadmap for SOA and S+S. The goal of these technologies is to simplify designing, building, managing, and scaling composite applications that can span the Enterprise to the Internet.


Microsoft is hosting its fifth annual SOA & Business Process Conference on the Redmond Campus, and I’m excited to say I got to see “Oslo” working firsthand in Robert Wahbe’s keynote today.


Visit the new Microsoft SOA and Business Process Solution Center at http://www.microsoft.com/soa.