STM.NET DevLab Incubation Complete

I would like to thank everyone who downloaded and participated in the MSDN DevLab and tried our .NET 4.0 Framework enabled to use Software Transactional Memory (STM.NET). Now that we have shipped VS2010, we decided to conclude that DevLab.


We appreciate all the feedback we have received since STM.NET was released; it truly helps us define our product decisions and technology investments. STM provides ease-of-use and safe, compositional synchronization. Both MSR and the parallel-programming team in Microsoft will continue to research and incubate various technologies to help developers safely and easily scale their applications; your input is important.


You can follow future efforts at the Parallel Computing Developer Center. We will continue this blog but the STM.NET forum will be locked. Of course, you can still participate in the Parallel Extensions to .NET Forum.


While the .NET download and samples have been removed, you can still download the STM Programmer’s Guide.


Thank you,


Dana Groff, Senior Program Manager

Microsoft, Parallel Computing