Guy & the "Art of Partnering"

Man, Guy Kawasaki has been absolutely rippin' up the blogging world over the last month. Check out this post on the Art of Partnering. My two favorite snippets:

"Partner for Spreadsheet reasons... Here's a quick test: Will you recalculate the spreadsheet model of your financial projections if the partnership happens? If not, then the partnership is doomed. You can wave your hands all you like about “visibility,” “credibility,” and “acceptability,” but if you can't quantify the partnership, then you don't have one. ""

and this one regarding involving lawyers in the partnering process:

"...If you start the drafting process too early, you're asking for nit-picking delays and blowups. Incidentally, if you ask for legal advice too early, you'll kill the process. The best way to deal with lawyers is to simply say to them: “This is what I want to do. Now keep us out of jail as we do it.”

Just awesome.