Wortmann TERRA NAS Storage Solutions – Powered by Windows Storage Server 2012

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Wortmann AG, a long-time Windows Storage Server partner, serves small and medium-sized businesses across Europe. The nearly 30-year old company is the largest independent server OEM headquartered in Germany, as well as the largest Intel Premier Partner in Europe.

The more I learn about Wortmann, the more impressed I am. The company’s storage solutions based on Windows Storage Server 2012 include two “standard” offerings plus a comprehensive build-to-order service, enabling customers to assemble a robust system of virtually any shape and size. Wortmann will even custom-design a system based on a customer’s business requirements, and then help deploy that system after it’s been delivered. Now that’s service excellence!

Standard Models

Wortmann’s standard models include the TERRA NAS 4030 SA, a 4U rack-mount unit with room for 16x3.5” SATA, SAS, or SSD drives, and the TERRA NAS 5030 SAS/SSD/iSCSI, a 2U unit with room for 24x2.5” SATA, SAS, or SSD drives. Additional specs for the TERRA NAS 4030 and 5030 are shown below.


I’ve included pics of these two systems below. The 4030 is on the left and the 5030 on the right.



Wortmann’s build-to-order service offers mini-server, rack-mount, and floor standing systems, with a virtually endless list of configuration options. Some of those include:

  • One or two Intel Xeon processors
  • Up to 24x 2.5” drives
  • Up to 12x 1Gbit Ethernet ports or up to 4x 10GB Ethernet ports (Fiber or Copper)
  • Expansion to up to 144 drives by connecting up to five TERRA DAS JBOD arrays (2U rack-mount, 24 disks each) via a 6Gbit SAS Host Bus Adapter. (The TERRA NAS 4030 and 5030 also can be expanded in this way.)

Roughly 80 percent of Wortmann’s storage business is build-to-order. Customers who use the service are typically medium-sized companies, with 50 to 500 employees. Common deployment scenarios include file server/collaboration shares, backend storage for Microsoft Exchange, remote office/branch office (ROBO), backup targets, and more.

Microsoft Certified Components

All components used by Wortmann are Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL)-certified and all systems are subjected to a 24-hour burn-in test prior to delivery, which usually takes less than 10 days from the time an order is placed. And because the systems are delivered with Windows Storage Server 2012 preinstalled, they can be deployed as soon as they are delivered—often in less than one hour.

Able to Design, Deliver, and Support Custom-Tailored Solutions

Need a storage solution but don’t have the expertise to design it? No worries. Wortmann’s 10-person server and storage sales team is capable of not only building the systems ordered by customers, but also stands ready to help customers size and design those systems. The team includes multiple VMware certified professionals, Data Core certified professionals, and Microsoft Certified Professionals in the areas of storage, Windows Azure, Windows Server, Microsoft System Center, and more.

Wortmann also has a services division with a dedicated Hotline especially for servers and storage, which can help customers deploy their new systems—including configuration of Windows Storage Server 2012 features such as data deduplication, BranchCache, failover clustering, and more. The team can also support those systems post-deployment, giving Wortmann’s target customer base a comprehensive one-stop-shop for their storage solution needs.

Full-Service Storage Vendor – With a Tradition of Service Excellence

Given Wortmann’s impeccable reputation and ability to design, deliver, and support custom-tailored solutions, it’s no wonder why so many small and medium-sized businesses rely on the company to augment their (usually limited) internal IT skills. Wortmann’s expertise in pairing Windows Storage Server 2012 with custom-tailored solutions leaves the company well-positioned for growth, both in mainstream storage scenarios and in rapidly expanding areas such as video surveillance, remote office/branch office, and diagnostic imaging. So if you’re in Europe and not already working with Wortmann, you may want to check them out.

Scott M. Johnson
Senior Program Manager
Windows Storage Server