StreamInsight Now Available Through Microsoft Update

We are pleased to announce that StreamInsight v1.1 is now available for automatic download and install via Microsoft Update globally.

In order to enable agile deployment of StreamInsight solutions, you have asked of us a steady cadence of releases with incremental, but highly impactful features and product improvements. Following our StreamInsight 1.0 launch in Spring 2010, we offered StreamInsight 1.1 in Fall 2010 with implicit compatibility and an upgraded setup to support side by side installs. With this setup, your applications will automatically point to the latest runtime, but you still have the choice to point your application back to a 1.0 runtime if you choose to do so.

As the next step, in order to enable timely delivery of our releases to you, we are pleased to announce the support for automatic download and install of StreamInsight 1.1 release via Microsoft Update starting this week.

If you have a computer:

  • that is subscribed to Microsoft Update (different from Windows Update)
  • has StreamInsight 1.0 installed, and
  • does not yet have StreamInsight 1.1 installed,

Microsoft Update will automatically download and install the corresponding StreamInsight 1.1 update side by side with your existing StreamInsight 1.0 installation – across all supported 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, across 11 supported languages, and across StreamInsight client and server SKUs. This is also supported in WSUS environments, if all your updates are managed from a corporate server (please talk to the WSUS administrator in your enterprise).

As an example, if you have SI Client 1.0 DEU and SI Server 1.0 ENU installed on the same computer, Microsoft Update will selectively download and side-by-side install just the SI Client 1.1 DEU and SI Server 1.1 ENU releases.

Going forward, Microsoft Update will be our preferred mode of delivery – in addition to support for our download sites, and media based distribution where appropriate.

The StreamInsight Team