StreamInsight/SSIS Integration White Paper

This has been tweeted all over the place, but we still want to give it proper attention here in our blog:

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) is widely used by today’s customers to transform data from different sources and load into a SQL Server data warehouse or other targets. StreamInsight can process large amount of real-time as well as historical data, making it easy to do temporal and incremental processing.  We have put together a white paper to discuss how to bring StreamInsight and SSIS together and leverage both platforms to get crucial insights faster and easier. From the paper’s abstract:

The purpose of this paper is to provide guidance for enriching data integration scenarios by integrating StreamInsight with SQL Server Integration Services. Specifically, we looked at the technical challenges and solutions for such integration, by using a case study based on a customer scenarios in the telecommunications sector.

Please take a look at this paper and send us your feedback!

Using SQL Server Integration Services and StreamInsight Together

Ping Wang