SQL Server 2005 password change without server restart, small issue with 32 bit installs on x64 OS

In an earlier post, I said it will be possible to change the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 service account passwords without requiring a service restart.  Today we found a corner case.  It turns out, when you install SQL Server 2005 32 bit editions on an x64 Operating System, running in WOW64, and you don't install a native 64 bit side-by-side SQL installation as well, there is a bug in the operating system (in the API LsaCallAuthenticationPackage) that will require a service restart.

In this specific case, we will catch the specific error code from Windows (ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED) and pop a dialog with the following text:

The requested operation is successful. Changes will not be effective until the service is restarted.

As the message says, you will need to restart the service so the new password can be used.  All other configurations are fine, and when the OS bug is fixed (I would hope the next service pack for Windows 2003/Windows XP), this dialog message will not be displayed.  Again, this is only for SQL Server 2005 32 bit installations, running on an x64 operating system (in WOW64) with no side-by-side native SQL Server 2005 64 bit install.