Configuration Manager PXE Service Point Errors

I recently had a look at an issue with the Configuration Manager PXE Service Point running on a test environment of mine.  I couldn't get any of my operating system images to deploy - in fact I couldn't get the PXE boot to complete successfully.  In the smspxe.log file I was getting the following messages:

No Boot Action for Device (38) found

ProcessDatabaseReply: No Advertisement found in Db for device

I found this a little odd, as the machine definitely had a task sequence advertised against it, and my custom WinPE image had been made available for PXE. 

Digging in the event log, I was getting error messages when WDS started up, saying:



Category: WdsImgSrv

Event ID: 258

Description: An error occurred while trying to initialize the Windows Deployment Services image server.  Error information 0xC1030104

A little cryptic, and not exactly obvious what it meant.  Having a dig around, it appears that 0xC1030104 actually means that the WDSServer is not configured.  Strange, I thought the Configuration Manager PXE Service Point setup did that?  I checked all the appropriate logs (pxesetup.log, pxemsi.log) and everything seemed in order.  I decided to try and initialise the server at the command line to see if that made a different.  I ran:

wdsutil /initialize-server /REMINST:"D:\remoteinstall"

where D:\remoteinstall was the directory that Configuration Manager had configured WDS to use.  Sure enough, as soon as I did that, PXE started working perfectly.