IIS7 Mobile Admin now on codeplex !!!

IIS7 Mobile Admin is a simple web application to administer IIS7 remotely using a mobile phone browser.  I provided few screenshots of IIS7 Mobile Admin in my previous blog post here http://www.awesomeideas.net/post/2008/03/04/IIS7-Mobile-Admin.aspx

And I promised to get it on codeplex for your download pleasure and finally it's ready and available

Project Home (Screenshots,FAQ) - http://www.awesomeideas.net/page/IIS7-Mobile-Admin.aspx
Download & Discussion - http://www.codeplex.com/iis7mobileadmin/

What are the features available in this release (called R1)?
Search Application Pools & Web Sites

  • Application Pool
    • Show Requests (Top 10 requests sort in descending order of 'Time Elapsed'
    • Show Applications
    • Recycle Application Pool
    • TODO:Your wishes...
  • Web Sites
    • Show Configuration (Show all bindings for the website)
    • Start Website
    • Stop Website
    • TODO:Your wishes

Get more screenshots on Project Home http://www.awesomeideas.net/page/IIS7-Mobile-Admin.aspx