My posts on Team Foundation Server

Buck Hodges, one of our Dev Managers, recently referenced one my posts and I got a couple of emails asking me to update my blog and talk about updates on Reporting in TFS that are coming up in our next release.

I moved from Work Item Tracking and am now Program Manager for Reporting Platform on Team Foundation Server.

Over the last two years, I have been occasionally posting topics on Work Item Tracking on our team blog that we maintain for talking about Project Management, Work Item Tracking and Reporting. I had decided not to cross-post the same topic to both the blogs. Maybe it’s time to re-think that decision :)

Here are some topics that I had posted on our team blog:

Our team blog also has great posts from my colleagues on topics in WIT, Excel & Project Integration and Reporting. We will add a lot more content about our Rosario release in the upcoming months.

[Update 3/25/2009] Fixed the broken links to my posts on our team blog. Thanks to Buck for catching this!