Team Foundation Server 2010 – Cube Schema Changes in RTM

I posted this topic outlining the cube schema changes we made in Beta 2. We had made it a point not to make any breaking schema changes in our cube schema once Beta 2 shipped and we stuck to that goal for RC.

We put in a significant effort in the recent weeks to improve the final cube processing performance for RTM. While we contained most of the changes such that they don’t alter public schema of the cube we, unfortunately, had to make one final change that impacts the Test Result dimension in the cube as it improves processing performance significantly.

We removed Area and Iteration attributes from the Test Result dimension as shown below:

Test Result dimension in RC Test Result dimension in RTM
image image

So, how do you report on these? John Socha-Leialoha has a blog post outlining the report changes you’ll need to make: We’ll also release instructions in our upgrade guide documenting the steps needed to update RC reports based on this change.