New Guided Walkthrough for troubleshooting problems relating to Event ID 1135 in a Failover Clustering environment

I wanted to post about a new walkthrough that we have to help in troubleshooting an Event 1135 on a Failover Cluster. 

As a bit of a background, Failover Clustering sends a heartbeat from and to each node of a Cluster to determine its health and if it responding.  If it does not respond in certain time period, it is considered down and will be removed from Cluster membership.  In the System Event Log of the remaining nodes, an Event 1135 will be triggered stating that the non-responding node was removed.

There is now a guided walkthrough to step you through troubleshooting and aiding in determining the cause.  The walkthrough will cover a number of things including Cluster networks, Antivirus, etc.  Check it out and see what you think.  Try it out the next time to see if it helps.

Troubleshooting cluster issue with event ID 1135