WSUS: Cannot open the admin console after upgrading to version 3.x

Here's a cool tip you might be interested in that was sent to me by Joe Tindale, one of our top Support Escalation Engineers working in WSUS:


Issue: After upgrading from Windows Server Update Services 2.x to version 3.x you may find that you can no longer open the admin console for WSUS.  When you try you may get an error like this:

MMC cannot open the file c:program filesUpdate servicesadministrationsnapinwsus.msc. This may be because the file does not exist, is not an MMC console, or was created by a later version of MMC. This may also be because you do not have sufficient access rights to the file. Cause: This can happen if you fail to complete all of the prerequisites for WSUS 3.0, especially installing MMC 3.0.  Not installing MMC 3.0 is what caused our issue here.

Resolution: This is an easy one - install MMC 3.0. After installing MMC 3.0 we could open the console just fine.


So before you do your upgrade to WSUS 3 be sure you complete all of the installation requirements so that you can avoid any trouble like this down the road.  Thanks Joe!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer