Custom Ink Rendering in Silverlight 2

Drawing ink with the built-in stroke objects works great for handwriting and annotations. In some scenarios, however, you may want something more fancy that takes advantage of Silverlight's rich graphics capabilities.

Creating ink strokes with a customized appearance is fairly straight forward with Silverlight 2. You basically collect StylusPoints in mouse events as usual, but instead of adding them to stroke objects, you just draw your own geometries or shapes at the stylus/mouse location.

When collecting sample points during the MouseMove event, please be sure to call the StylusDevice.GetStylusPoints() method and process all points returned from that call. This will ensure that stylus users will get the full fidelity of input points, since their pointing device reports points more often than the MouseMove events fires. Also it is good practice to interpolate points between sample points, since they won't usually be equidistant.

I have a attached a sample project that demonstrates the concept end-to-end using Ellipse shapes with a LinearGradientBrush to give my ink strokes a custom look. Below is live version of the sample for you to play with.