East Asian Handwriting Recognition - the WPF way

I have put together a sample that demonstrates the integration of East Asian boxed handwriting recognition with the inking and 3D features in WPF. The key, reusable component I have written here is the 'SingleLetterRecognizer" user control. It can, btw, also be used for western languages (by setting its 'Lcid' property accordingly), but i chose East Asian languages for this post because boxed, single character recognition is much more common in those languages.

As the user draws ink strokes into one of those 'SingleLetterRecognizer" boxes, the system's handwriting recognizer for the respective language starts analyzing the ink. When the analysis is complete and the recognition result is available, the control kicks off a 3D animation that flips the control around the x-axis to show the result as typed text. The user can double-click the control now to redo the input (if the result was not accurate).

The VS project for this sample is attached to this post. It requires Windows Vista Home Premium (or above). You can also run it on Windows XP if you have the TabletPC SDK and the Recognizer Pack installed.

Screenshot after ink input, prior to recognition complete (caveat: I don't actually write any of these languages, I just looked up some characters on the MSN homepage of the corresponding country and then wrote the simplest symbols I could find, stroke by stroke):

EA handwriting - pre-recognition


Screenshot after recognition complete, while animation is still going on:

EA handwriting post-recognition