App of the Week - Fotor

Hello there!

Today's App of the Week is just a must have for any of your PC, Tablet, Convertible, All-in-one, or whatever device you use with Windows 8.

Fotor is my absolute favorite when it comes to quick photo editing, collage creation or image styling. Fotor provides you with a huge set of image manipulation operations and this in an incredibly simple and intuitive manner. Cropping, slicing, rotation, changes in illumination, colors, border styles, aperture effects, text overlays and one click and it’s done. OK, perhaps you need a few clicks more but I can assure that you will love the fluid and smart interface which appears as a neat sidebar on the right-hand side of the art board.

A feature I like besides the image manipulation capabilities is the additional ‘Collage’ mode. Here you can live out your creativity. Within a few steps you can design attractive prints for your photo album.

It would take too much time to really explain all features in detail. Therefore, the best way to get your own impression is to download the app yourself and just play around with the provided image samples. I think you will like it.

Best regards,

Remo – MSP Bern