App of the Week - Informatik Tutorials for Windows 8

Today I present you a nice App out of the productivity tools category called ‘Informatik Tutorials’. The name, as it says, pretty much stands for itself. As but ‘Informatik’ is more a German name you might already fear of a lack in international spoken content, I can calm you down.

Informatik Tutorial is an app that provides streaming of a numerous collection of video tutorials for a wide range of computer science related articles like programming languages and different platform tutorials. You can choose between a variety of Object-oriented programming languages like C++, C#, Java, Ruby, etc. but also between different application platforms like WindowsPhone, Android, IPhone and not forgetting major operating systems like Linux or Windows. The list of supported platforms should fit most of the areas either starters but also experts are interested in and I like to mention that above is only an extract of the whole content.

The interface navigation is quite simple and intuitive. You choose your desired topic, filter the content by your favorite language (either German, English or both) and crawl through the list of provided articles. Streaming starts fast and immediately after clicking on a desired topic in the list and you can easily switch between contents by just selecting another item.

Since Windows 8 supports the new Snap View feature you can just clip the App to the left or to the right side on your Desktop and directly work through the examples by yourself.

If I got your interest, please give it a try and download the free App from the official Windows Store.

Edit: There also exists an English version of the app. You can download it here. Big thanks to Benny for pointing this out!


MSP Bern