Installing and Configuring Test Agent

This is Syed Aslam Basha here from Information security and risk management team.

In continuation with my earlier blog posts on automation using VS2010, I  will show “Installing and configuring test agent” which will help in running the CUITs from Microsoft Test Manager.


  • Install the test agent by going through the installation wizard
  • Launch configure test agent from start –> All programs –> Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 –> Microsoft Visual Studio Test Agent 2010 Configuration Tool
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  • Enter domain\username in username and password in password text box
  • Logon automatically: If this is checked it logs on automatically using the credentials provided, after computer restarts  (due to windows updates or any other reason)
  • Click on “Ensure screensaver is disabled” checkbox to disable screensaver
  • Click on run options button, make a selection to run the test agent as
  • Service: The test agent will run as windows service, this is recommended mode when you need to run the automated tests that do not need to interact with desktop
  • Interactive process: The test agent will run as interactive process, this is the you will not to select interactive process for coded UI tests
  • Click on checkbox “Register with test controller”  and enter the controller name with port as 6901. Ex Controllername:6901, the agent will be registered with the controller and the controller can manage the agent
  • Click on Apply Settings button
  • This will configure the windows firewall to allow the test controller to communicate with the test agent
  • The Test Agent Status will be shown near system tray, it will show the test progress ( test case execution) while running the tests
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