New Case Study – GoGrid and Blue Star Infotech

We recently added a new case study of a solution built by GoGrid on the Windows Azure platform to allow customers to develop, test, deploy, and back up Windows Azure applications.  GoGrid partnered with Blue Star Infotech, a global provider of IT and Outsourced Product Development services and solutions to build a solution that provides developers within the Windows Azure environment the ability to make back-ups of their SQL Azure infrastructure to a SQL Server database hosted in the GoGrid environment. 

I had a chance to sit down with Mehul Shah the Microsoft Practice Manager with Blue Star Infotech and he explained to me how this was accomplished. 

“GoGrid provides a cloud infrastructure and their focus is primarily on start-up ISV's. These customers use the GoGrid infrastructure for both development and deployment. If someone wants to develop on Windows Azure they will be given a pre-configured environment in the GoGrid environment. When looking at additional services GoGrid could provide their customers, they also chose to implement load testing in the Azure staging environment as well as the ability to make back-ups of their SQL Azure infrastructure to the SQL Server GoGrid environment. To help accomplish this it uses Sync Framework to do move the data between SQL Azure and SQL Server.”

Blue Star Infotech’s background in creating custom providers with the Microsoft Sync Framework proved extremely useful in this implementation.

For more details on this solution, you can see a video of the GoGrid Application Lifecycle solution here.

Liam Cavanagh