New Code Sample: Database Sync - SQL Server and SQL Server Express

With the recent release of Sync Framework 2.0, we have added the ability to target SQL Express on the client. For many developers, there are a handful of features such as stored procedures, XML support, and advanced profiling capabilities that are must-haves. For certain scenarios, these needs outweigh some of the benefits provided by SQL Compact, such as friction-free deployment and an extremely lightweight footprint. This sample demonstrates how you go about leveraging SqlSyncProvider for both the client-side database and the server. Also note that the sample leverages WCF as the transport layer, although a 2-tier architecture is fully supported as well. Special thanks to Dong Cao for writing this sample. Dong is one of our test leads and has been working in the sync space since the WinFS days. Enjoy!

The sample can be found here:

Sean Kelley