New Release: Database Sync - Oracle and SQL Compact


Openness is an important aspect of the Sync Framework and one of our jobs is to knock down as many walls as possible, empowering developers to synchronize data between any two stores. We would love for you to use the Sync Framework to connect with other Microsoft products such as SQL Server and SQL Azure and oftentimes enhance the experience by lighting up on those platforms. That said, we recognize that most companies are not homogeneous in terms of the software vendors they depend upon and it is important to provide the ability to synchronize with existing investments such as Oracle or DB2. This sample demonstrates how one would go about synchronizing SQL Compact with Oracle using our new P2P providers. Enjoy! Special thanks to Jesse Low who took the time to build this sample. He is one of the developers on the Sync Framework team and his sample work resulted in a handful of improvements to the core runtime in order to support the ability to sync data with Oracle.


Sean Kelley