New Sync Samples - Sync101 Updated for Sync Framework v2.0 CTP1

For those of you who have already downloaded the new Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Sync Framework v2.0, you may find it helpful to also check out the latest version of our Sync101 samples updated to reflect the new features of the release. 

One of the newest additions to Sync101 is a new sample that makes use of the Sync Framework Simple Provider API now part of v2.0.  As you will see in this sample ("Sync101 using Simple Sync Provider"), the Simple Provider API makes it simpler then ever to create providers as it gives developers a lot of the power and flexibility of the core Sync Framework APIs, but with less of a learning curve and less code, especially for replicas that have little or no change-tracking support.  

This and other samples can be viewed by going to the Sync Code Gallery at

- Liam Cavanagh