Organize Yourself at MIX10 Using MIX10 Session Planner (Beta)

Attending MIX10? Use MIX10 Session Planner (Beta) ( to browse sessions, workshops, and speakers, and organize your personal schedule for the conference. MIX10 Session Planner (Beta) uses Microsoft Silverlight together with Microsoft Sync Framework to help you get the most out of MIX10. Conference data is cached on your computer, enabling you to quickly browse, filter, and search conference information as well as select sessions of interest.  You can do all of this whether you have a network connection or not, thanks to that local data cache. So go ahead and plan your conference on the plane, and all of your changes will synchronize with the MIX10 servers and be available on the Web site when you get a connection!


MIX10 Session Planner (Beta) gives you the following advantages:

  • Uninterrupted access to session and workshop information and to your personal conference schedule.  Plan your conference at any time in any place.
  • Fast and responsive browsing, filtering, and search of conference information.
  • Runs in your browser or installs on your PC so it can be used when you have no network connection.
  • Integrated with the MIX10 Web site experience. Changes made on the Web site are synchronized with Session Planner and vice versa.


To try it out:

1)      Sign in with your Live ID on the MIX Web site

2)      You will see a banner for Session Planner on the right hand side. Click it to launch the application or simply click the URL,, to launch it.

3)      On the first run page, check the checkbox if you want this application to be installed locally.

4)      Click Allow to start.


Not attending MIX10? You can still take a look at the application and see Sync Framework in action.


Check out MIX10 Session Planner and start planning your time at MIX10 today!


About the MIX10 Session Planner Application

This application may look familiar to those of you that attended the Sync Framework PDC session last year or saw the session video ( One of the topics we covered at PDC was our planning for our 3.0 release, and offline-capable applications in particular. We showed a demo of a session planning application. The application used an offline Silverlight client that connected to a Windows Azure synchronization endpoint and synchronized data with SQL Azure. We received so much positive feedback from that demo that we decided to create an updated version of the application, with the help of the MIX10 team, for MIX10 attendees to actually use!


Even if you don't attend MIX10, the application gives you a glimpse into what we’re currently working on for our upcoming 3.0 release. A key goal for 3.0 is to enable developers to create offline applications that expose data from a SQL data store by using a REST-based synchronization protocol and connect to clients on any platform, including Silverlight. Both the client and server parts of MIX10 Session Planner (Beta) are based on early versions of our 3.0 code that cater to both on-premise and cloud-based deployments.


You can find out more about the application, hear what we have in store for our future Sync Framework releases, and see more cool demos at our MIX10 session: “Building Offline Web Apps Using Sync Framework” (


We'd love to hear your feedback about this application and its synchronization features. Tell us what you think by posting to the Sync Framework Developer Discussions Forum:


A big thank you to the MIX10 team, who helped us to release this application!