Webcast - Building Offline Web Apps Using Microsoft Sync Framework

This week a number of the people from our team are at the MIX conference in Las Vegas.  Yesterday, Mike Clark (the Group Manager for our team) presented a session to kick off the conference on the topic of building offline web applications.  In this session Mike presented a look at the work we are doing to enable users to build offline SilverLight applications that enable bi-directional synchronization of data from offline SilverLight applications and a central data store like SQL Azure and SQL Server.   

The offline SilverLight support is based on a new set of capabilities we are creating called the "Asymmetric Protocol" that allows us to extend sync framework capabilities to virtually any device such as Windows Mobile,  Windows Phone 7 Series, iPhone and Symbian, even if those devices do not actually have support for the Sync Framework runtime.

Mike went through a number of demonstrations that were based on the MIX scheduling application built using this new Asymmetric protocol.  He showed how we enable users to take the conference agenda and session information offline in their Desktop, Windows Phone 7 Series device and iPhone devices allowing people to register for sessions and then sync and share this information amongst all of their devices via the central conference database.

The online version of this session is now available here