DevConnections Impressions

As I am writing those lines, I am waiting for my flight to Seattle after attending DevConnections conference in Las Vegas. My flight is delayed for an hour; as usual, nothing new here. On-time flights are not common nowadays. I am trying not to complain though.. so let’s keep a positive attitude here :)

About 5,000 people attended the conference this year. For me, it is my first time to DevConnections. This one is so special for me since I was able to discuss openly, for the first time, the work we have been doing for quite some time now. It is great to see the project lunched to the public and start getting a feel of how people think; what do they like and what do they want us to improve. I am not sure how many times I check the forums, quite a few times indeed. Being in the conference limits my ability to respond to your questions though but I should be getting into the mood again soon … when I get home.

I can comfortably say that the product lunch was very successful, in Europe at TechEd as well as here in Vegas.  Developers who were originally working in the sync area seemed very interested to learn more, they loved the fact the Microsoft is helping about and they won’t need to think about this sync problem by themselves.  I also ran into developers and IT admin who were not sure what sync framework is for. Well, considering that the word ‘sync’ is commonly used in the ‘thread and process synchronization’ context, I find it understandable. With that in mind, I used to ask people who stops by Microsoft booth whether they are building offline, sharing, roaming or collaboration application, if the answer is yes.. I then introduce them the sync framework.

Toward the end of the conference I was able to attend few sessions from non-microsoft presenters. Getting a different prospective is very useful and I learned tons of new stuff.

Overall, I had great time and for all those who I've met: it was a my pleasure to meet you!   


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