Sync Designer in Orcas

Cool stuff gets attention from everyone! This is especially true with the Sync Designer in Orcas. The Visutal Sutido team has done a great job enabling developers to put Synchronization Services API to work in their data application quickly and hassle-free.  I like to think of the sync designer as my personal sync assistant. Everything that gets me started quickly is a bless. You know, we developers like to poke around and step into the code to see how things work. But before we can do that, we have to get something running first and that’s what the assistant will do for you! Nice work from the Oracs team.

You can play with the designer in the Orcas February CTP, however, there were a lot of enhancements that did not make it to public yet. Nevertheless it is a good start and the time for your feedback to start flowing in.

As usual Steve Lasker has the best demos for the sync designer. Steve posted a first part of a screencast focusing on the deisgner features and how to get started with it. I highly recommend it. I am personally waiting for his second post.  In addition, he also posted several Q&A around the deisgner in his blog.


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