Synchronizeable Web

Our understanding of the web and its potential seems to be continuously evolving. Initially ecommerce captured the hearts and minds of people, then came search, blogging, wikis, social networking, web platforms like Live and Facebook, software as a service …. etc. The growth of the web seems unbounded and people fascination with is does not seem to fade out!  The obvious observation is that more and more data is migrating to the web where more interesting scenario can be realized as the programmable web evolves. The evolution seems to go rather quickly and today we made one step forward toward enabling this massive web store to be syncable, which I like to call 'synchronizeable' web or 'beyond programmable web'!  

The FeedSync specification was finally released today. FeedSync was previously known as Simple Sharing Extension. The FeedSync specification defines a simple extension to rather famous protocols RSS and ATOM. Enabling sync with familiar protocol is a good idea and will help in accelerating adaption. To make it even better, the Microsoft Sync Framework was also updated its support to include the latest specification and account for the name change.

So picture this, FeedSync gives enables you to synchronize web content and Microsoft Sync Framework enables you to synchronize between any store in peer to peer fashion. Now you can easily see that:

FeedSync + Microsoft Sync Framework = data flow between desktop, devices and the web

There is an incredible potential to what could be done with the sync technology that is coming out from Microsoft in the recent weeks. An ecosystem is being slowly defined. It is your chance to take advantage of it and build a great value for your customers.

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I am not actively blogging about Sync Technologies. Please see Sync Team Blog for more updated content.