Can this be my Next Journal?

clip_image002As many of you know, I have been keeping physical journals for years – using them for drawing, taking notes, water coloring, collage -  all sorts of things.  I even found my favorite vendor in Iona Handcrafted Books out of Austin, Texas.  I started my career in computers with the vision of a pen-based architectural design tool over twenty years ago as my architectural thesis project at the University of Arizona – see my story here.  I have been watching hardware and software over that time, waiting for the right combination to enable me to start using digital ink instead of liquid ink. 

The Dell Venue 8 Pro

Another vendor in Austin, Texas has caught my eye as well.  Dell just released the Venue 8 Pro – an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet with an 8-hour battery life and active pen input starting at $299.  This will run apps like OneNote, Fresh Paint, Sketchbook Express, and Bamboo Page but also Windows Desktop apps like Word, Photoshop, and ArtRage Studio.  I’m even working on an app to complement my style of journaling. Should I bring my hobby into the digital age?