Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework Updated for Silverlight 4

We have just updated the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework to synchronize with a number of product and technology releases.  An installer is available today to start using.  Here is what’s new:

New Analytics Service Support

  • Eqatec.WebAnalytics.EqatecAnalytics.24x24.png EQATEC Analytics
  • Omniture.WebAnalytics.OmnitureAppMeasurement.24x24.png Omniture, an Adobe Company (Omniture customers can download a separate installer from – details are in the MSAF documentation)
  • Webtrekk.WebAnalytics.WebtrekkAnalytics.24x24.png Webtrekk

New Control Support

Support for Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, and WPF

Since Expression Blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010 support both Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4, the new installer adds behaviors for both versions of Silverlight.  Since the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework player and the IIS Smooth Streaming Client require Silverlight 4, behaviors to support those controls are available for Silverlight 4 only.


Based on feedback that we got from our growing community, we fixed some problems and made a number of enhancements to the framework:

  • All of the issues addressed are listed on the Download page.
  • imageWe added links to the Analytics properties group to documentation (context sensitive), search online, search the issue tracker, and search discussions.  See the attached image to see how this is similar to the new Expression Blend 4 help links.
  • We enhanced the Deep Zoom tracking to work with Collections created by the Deep Zoom Composer.  We also included a sample demonstrating Deep Zoom tracking.