Windows 7 Sensor Trigger for WPF Applications

One of the cool new features of Windows 7 is a sensor platform that unifies the way that Windows 7 applications work with sensors.  For .NET developers, we’ve released a Windows API Code Pack that makes it easy to create .NET applications that use the sensor platform.  The Sensor Platform supports biometric, electrical, environmental, light, location, mechanical, motion, orientation, and scanner sensors.  The platform is also extensible to be able to sense other types of activities, so for example if you wanted to sense a Mass Effect, you could write a sensor for it.

I wanted to try out creating an easy way for Expression Blend users to design applications that use sensors, so I created a Sensor Trigger that has a custom editor.  The custom editor shows the available sensors, the status of each sensor as well as the when sensor data is reported.

I uploaded the source code and a demo project to the Expression Gallery for developers and designer to try out. I’d love any feedback on this - make sure you rate the behavior in the gallery.