Update: Sigcheck v2.5, Process Explorer v16.11, Whois v1.13, RAMMap v1.5

Sigcheck v2.5
This update to Sigcheck, a command-line utility that reports detailed information about images, including their signatures and VirusTotal status, as well as certificate stores, now reports all the signatures of images that have multiple signers.

Sysmon v3.21
This update fixes a paged pool leak of token objects when image logging is enabled. 

Process Explorer v16.11
This release of Process Explorer, a powerful process management utility, fixes a bug that caused it to crash when it encountered an image with a path length longer than a few thousand characters.

Whois v1.13
Whois, a command-line utility that reports domain name ownership information for the specified name or IP address, now includes a fix for a bug that would cause it to crash when passed an IP address with no DNS mapping.

RAMMap v1.5
This update to RAMMap, a utility that shows detailed information about physical memory usage, works on the latest version of Windows 10.