Updates: ProcDump v3.0, AccessChk v5.01 and a new Mark's Blog Post

ProcDump v3.0: This update to ProcDump, a flexible command-line utility for capturing process dumps based on time, CPU, memory, or performance counter thresholds, adds a new dump type, Minidump Plus, that uses heuristics to create the equivalent of full dumps for very large processes, but with large data sections and caches omitted. This has been shown to reduce the size of Exchange process (store.exe) dumps by 50-90%. Thanks go to Andrew Richards from Exchange support at Microsoft for this contribution.

AccessChk v5.01: This release fixes several bugs, adds support for showing volume-level permissions, and reports objects that it can’t access.

Mark’s Blog: The Case of the Slow Project File Opens: Mark’s latest blog post describes a troubleshooting case that leveraged Process Monitor and thread call stacks to quickly lead a Microsoft support engineer to a solution for a customer problem.