Updates: Process Explorer v14.1, VMMap v3.03, ProcDump v3.03, and Zero Day is now Available!

Zero Day is Now Available! Mark’s first novel, a cyberthriller called Zero Day, is now available for order. If you like Sysinternals tools, Mark’s Case of the Unexplained blog posts, Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy, you’re sure to like Zero Day.

Process Explorer v14.1: This update to Process Explorer introduces cycle-based CPU usage on Windows 7, shows usage for processes that consume less than 0.01% CPU, shows thread ideal processors on Windows 7, and adds the ability to remote control and connect to other logon sessions.

VMMap v3.03: This release to VMMap, a process memory analysis utility, adds a count of free blocks and fixes bugs that prevented the 32-bit process fragmentation view from showing on 64-bit Windows.

ProcDump v3.03: ProcDump, a command-line process dump generation tool, has an algorithm for generating minidump plus dumps that improves capture time by up to ten times and fixes a bug with the way arguments are processed for the -x option.