Updates: RAMMap v1.1, ADExplorer v1.4, Autologon v3.0 | Mark's Talks from TechEd US 2010 are now online

RAMMap v1.1: This update to RAMMap, a memory analysis utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7, adds the ability to purge working sets and memory manager paging lists. This can be useful for measuring the memory usage of applications after they’ve started or when specific features are exercised.

ADExplorer v1.40: ADExplorer, an Active Directory editor, now shows all of a directory’s naming contexts and works with Lightweight Directory Services directories.

Autologon v3.0: Autologon, a utility that makes it easy to configure the system to automatically logon a specified account, now works on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Mark’s TechEd Talks Available: Mark delivered four top-rated, top-attended sessions at TechEd US 2010 in New Orleans and they, along with all the TechEd sessions, are available for free on-demand viewing. Mark’s are Case of the Unexplained 2010, Pushing the Limits of Windows, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2 Kernel Changes, and a talk he co-presented with Mark Minasi, The Secrets of Effective Technical Talks.