How to Deploy to Deploy Office 2010 (Beta) using System Center Essentials 2010

Essentials 2010 simplifies software distribution, including easy distribution for common applications such as Microsoft Office. Essentials also provides support for

  • Common targeting filters
  • Changing the properties of existing software packages
  • Adding localized title and description during package creation
  • Many other features

The Essentials team and the Office team have partnered to provide you with the simplest possible deployment experience. The Office team has provided both a guide to deployment options for Office 2010 that includes Essentials 2010 and a blog post containing the detailed steps for deploying Office 2010 (Beta) using System Center Essentials 2010.

The Office 2010 documentation containing deployment options for Office that include Essentials 2010:

Office Resource toolkit team posted a detailed blog entry on how to “Use System Center Essentials 2010 (Beta) to Deploy Office 2010 (Beta):“