Management Packs for System Center Essentials

A management pack is a definition file (either with an .xml or .mp extension) that contains predefined monitoring settings that enable an agent to monitor a specific service or application in Operations Manager 2007 or Essentials 2007. These predefined settings include discovery information that allows Operations Manager and Essentials to automatically detect and begin monitoring services and applications, and a knowledge base that contains error and troubleshooting information, alerts, and reports to help you correct the problems detected in your environment.  You import a new or updated management pack into Essentials using the Management Pack Import Wizard (found in the Administration space in the Essentials console).

Almost all of the management packs developed for Operations Manager 2007 can also be used in Essentials 2007.  To help you identify these management packs, you can filter the System Center Pack catalog on Essentials:

One management pack that you might want to import into Essentials straight away is the updated Essentials 2007 management pack that resolves an issue that was preventing the Remote Assistance task from running on Windows Vista and Server 2008. You can download this management pack from this location: