ZD Net UK review of System Center Essentials 2010


The nice folks at ZD Net in the UK just posted their review of SCE 2010, based on the Release Candidate.   Click here to read the whole review, but their bottom line was:

Virtualisation is definitely the big draw for SCE 2010, but there are enhancements to the other tools as well — not least the software update option. Based on WSUS technology, the changes here are aimed at automating the patching process in order to, for example, discover exactly what updates are needed across the whole network, set auto-approval deadlines and handle distribution differently on workstations and servers. There's also support for third-party update services and a clean-up wizard to help keep the update database down to a reasonable size.

SCE2010 ZDnetUK

First a note of “thanks” to our friends in the UK who looked at SCE 2010. 

Its been an exciting several months since the beta was first released, and we are very pleased with the number of folks who have downloaded the pre-release versions.  Its great to see all of the excitement around leveraging System Center’s management technologies in midsized organizations, so we are looking forward to releasing SCE 2010!