Fearless Records & Microsoft Tag

Editor’s Note: The following blog post is from our friends at Fearless Records.

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Fearless Records loves the idea that music can instantly be in the palm of your hands with the snap of one simple picture.

Four months ago we started using tagging as a new way to market our artists, their music, merchandise, contests and more.  We were impressed by how the technology could transform everyday music needs into live links for the latest information right in the palm of your hand.

We couldn’t think of a better way to directly communicate with audience. What we know already about these kids is that they live with their cell phones, sleep with their cell phones, go to class with their cell phones and go out with their cell phones so utilizing the tag made perfect sense.  Fearless Records has launched many campaigns focusing on education, awareness, and repetition. The label is using the technology to simply interact with fans in a variety of new and exciting ways.  We have used MS Tags in print and online advertisements, social sites, video content, posters, merchandise catalogs, music samplers and more! 

Our biggest success with Microsoft Tag came with fully integrating the technology into a large campaign surrounding our latest Punk Goes.. . compilation release, Punk Goes Classic Rock. Punk Goes Classic Rock is the ninth edition of the highly-successful and internationally known Punk Goes... series. We utilized MS Tags throughout advertisements, posters, merchandise, social sites and in the video trailer.  This overall interactive experience has lead to the growth in our album pre-sale along with added interest to the artists involved with the compilation which is exactly what we wanted.

We have also had other success stories including the online usage of MS Tags for our artists Every Avenue and Artist Vs Poet. We easily executed their campaigns by having the artists create MS Tag instructional videos, placing several MS Tags online, and then encouraging our fans to run around online and interact with these tags. These simple interactions not only excited fans but also the band and the label.


Joyce Mealey, Fearless Records