Introducing SharePoint 2010

Come monday and the biggest SharePoint mela is going to start in Vegas on Oct19th, the SharePoint Conference 2009. Keynote will be delivered by Steve Ballmer and one of the best releases in SharePoint history will be introduced to the general community. I have seen some feature bits and the sneak peak videos and found the whole stuff very promising.

It's about 4 years I have been playing with SharePoint, going back to 2005 when I joined Microsoft and landed in the Collaboration team. There was lot of demand for resources good in SharePoint 2003. I was always a middleware person(that's what I used to call myself) with some large engagements using BizTalk and SQL Server under my belt. Moving to SPS2003 was like moving to a UI centric product which was little difficult for me.

Now here comes the question, is SharePoint a product, server or platform? After doing many engagements and now seeeing the 3rd version rolled out, I can defintely say it's a platform. There are rules of game and to understand SharePoint you have to understand the platform. People who feel that they can master it in a day should not think that way. There are many things which you may write code for but the features may be available OOB. You just need to know know where and how.

Even after 4 years and being Microsoft Certified Master in this product, I feel there are many things I am not aware of. Daily in one or other blog, I find information which our MVP's, Masters and other top authorities find and share. It's just a great platform whiere you have amazing capabilities.

There are new feature areas where I may want to concentrate and will blog once the new version goes public beta post SPC. Just follow the blog and I will try to contribute some good stuff.

Meanwhile, to learn more about SharePoint history, engineering and platform, read these posts from Jeff Tepper, VP for SharePoint.