Azure Active Directory Resources you can use right now

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After having done considerable work for Azure Exam certification preparation at Ignite in 2015, as well as internally at Microsoft, I thought I need to take the next step. Now you have the basics of Azure, let's pick one area and find everything relevant to do your job right in the cloud.  Since Identity is critical to bridging authentication and authorization from you on-premises environment through to your SaaS applications, Azure Active Directory needs some focused attention for us all.  It IS the Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) that Kim Cameron talked about in his blog back in 2012.The way I see it, is that most all of us now, or in the near future, will all need to have the same baseline level of knowledge of Azure Active Directory as most of us do from having Active Directory around now for over a decade. Hopefully these links will keep you on top of what you need to know.  I will keep these links updates through 2015/16 as I work also to raise the levels of awareness and education for Microsoft consultants, our Partners, and our customers.  Enjoy!

We'll break this post down by levels...starting with...