Got Azure DNS?

Hello all.  I am seeing the need for not only one stop shopping for my Azure Shortcuts list, but also to have some of those links to hit a summary of more in-depth resources for a given topic.  Instead of making multiple /DNS/xyz, it is easier to make a page where I can update that this case DNS :)  So then all I, or you, have to remember is I just like easy ways to find stuff and hope that once I do, it then becomes even easier for you to find them as well. So in searching for DNS, I've noticed that 1. There is not one page that really talks about all of the options and 2. that while there are many links on DNS, they do not have them all organized, unless you search a couple of keywords to find them.  So now I, and you, have a place.  And, as I collect current practices and patterns that my fellow field consultants and I discover and recommend, then I can post those here as well. Stay tuned as this will be a living blog as resources are discovered and collected at


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