Got Power BI?

The Power of Power BI!

Moving forward into 2018, I am undertaking some special projects to create custom dashboards for Azure and Azure Stack.  While there are some cool tricks you can do alone with Azure dashboards, you can take it a step further and go much farther with the data analytics and visualization capabilities of Power BI. To get a taste of some of the possibilities, just check out the OMS dashboards at the bottom of this link.

My Focus will be seeing what we can explore in Azure Stack, as I've spent a bit of time working with customers and Cloud Solutions Partners (CSP) in the past year or so. While I will not be able to share with you all of the outputs of what we create at Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), I am happy while wearing my trainer hat, to share the resources that I collect to figure this all out to solve our customers' unique reporting needs in the cloud.





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