The Need for Enterprise Search



We all use search everyday - particularly on the Internet. We take it for granted as the starting point to find information, from a variety of different sources. We also expect search results to be timely, relevant and ordered. This standard of search is available on the Internet today, so why should we expect anything less from enterprise search?


There are many drivers for enterprise search:


Information Explosion

The amount of data generated and the volume of information we consume is increasing at a rapid rate, causing problems in locating the correct information and making sense of the data available. Employees are spending more time each year searching for information they need to complete work. An effective enterprise search system can reduce this wasted time.


Finding Information to Complete Work

Employees need to be able to find relevant information to complete their work- the right information, at the right time, in the right format, to the right person. Even though this data may be stored in different locations, users should be able to search from one central location.


Keeping Data Secure

While data needs to be searchable, it also must be protected, to ensure only authorised users can find and view it. This doesn't just mean restricting access, it means dynamically pruning search results depending on employees' permissions.


Consumer Search Experience

From their Internet search experience, users have clear demands about how a search solution should look and perform.