Want to Get and Keep a Job…Coding Seems to be the Key


Keyboard with fingersToday I read a commentary out of the San Francisco Bay Area, that discussed the fact that in the Bay Area they are not feeling the effects of the 8.9% Unemployment rate due to the overwhelming need for technologists and the growth of technology companies. In fact, the article from Market Watch (that can be read here), noted that in the technology industry in the Bay area it seems to be the opposite of most industries which “there are far more employees than employers.” In the Bay Area, home of Silicon Valley, the article notes it is “quite the reverse.”

Well that translates to me that it is also a GREAT time to be a Student Developer studying Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering, and Technology related majors. What is so fun is that I have the unique opportunity to expose them to all the great development technologies we have at Microsoft.

Kinect for Windows just was released on February 2nd ( http://www.kinectforwindows.org ) and the Developer Preview of Windows 8 is available from the BUILD conference at (http://dev.windows.com/ ) and, of course, Windows Phone (http://create.msdn.com/ ) is available which means it’s a very FUN time to be a Developer especially a Student Developer with creative ideas that could be the next BIG thing.

To help get students started with their own applications, we have Hands-On Coding labs on University Campuses called appLabs. 

The Upcoming appLabs in the Southeast Area are: Kinect for Windows example

Feb. 22: Georgia State University – Kinect for Windows appLab

Feb. 29: Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) – Kinect for Windows appLab

March 10: Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) – Kinect for Windows Hackathon

More Development Sessions are on the way!!

Take advantage of the Coding Camps/appLabs on your Campus and get prepared for the job market that is ripe for “coders”.

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