Windows Phone 7 Officially is Here: Ready, Set, Code!

Today is the Formal announcement and introduction of Windows Phone 7.  Windows Phone 7 will be first hitting retail stores on October 21 in Europe and Asia, and November 8 in the Americas. Consumers will be able to buy Windows Phone 7 in a variety of styles from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Dell, on networks including AT&T, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and more. Take a look at all the exciting phones that will be coming out this holiday season. Also unveiled is a blockbuster portfolio of over 50 game titles that would be available on Windows Phone 7 - from big name studios including Gameloft, Konami, Namco Bandai, PopCap and THQ . Take a look at this video to see a preview of the titles announced.

There is lots of goodness around Windows Phone 7.  But what is exceptionally cool to me about Windows Phone is that ANY developer can EASILY build applications and games on the device by leveraging our developer assets including Silverlight, .NET, XNA, and Visual Studio. 

 If you are a student on a college campus in the South, I will be conducting Windows Phone 7 Hands-on coding sessions called appLabs that you can learn to build your own application on the spot during the lab.  Haven't heard about a appLab on your campus yet, post your request and we'll make it happen.

Want to know more about Windows Phone 7?  A great review of Windows Phone can be found on Gizmodo: and on Engadget at: